Kyrsten here, so nice to e-meet you

lover of coffee, ice cream, and mac-n-cheese

Most days you can find me with my husband, Paul, + two rambunctious kids, Penelope + Theodore, chugging espresso like no ones business either at home or at a local coffee shop. My husband and close friends have nicknamed me the "Yelp Queen" due to my endless Yelp collections full of local coffee shops and restaurants to quench my foodie cravings. I even have a rule that when I am out of town, I cannot eat someplace that I can get locally. 

I cannot get enough of: spontaneous adventures, ice cream straight from the carton, lavender flavored anything, spoonfuls of peanut butter, poke bowls, banana pudding, gin craft cocktails (pretentious, much?), Bravo TV, Big Brother, naps, and mac-n-cheese. However, you will never catch me eating mayo, beans, bananas, Chipotle, or artificial grape or cherry flavored anything or watching The Office. 

I am a number 1 enneagram with 3 and 8 coming in next. That means I live up to high ideals, work my ass off + put my 110% into my commitments, and your ultimate hype woman. My number 3 helps me adapt to any given situation, recover quickly from setbacks (aka timeline setbacks), and can accomplish a lot quickly. Whereas, my number 8 makes me a champion of people, a provider, a protector of your legacy, and supporter of others. Those whom are close to me know that they are safe and protected. 

I look forward to meeting you, let’s grab a cup of coffee soon. I will show you one of my favorite local spots! 


1. I have the ultimate sweet tooth, however, I absolutely hate when my coffee is overly sweet. 

2. One of my ultimate life goals is to own a coffee shop & wedding venue. 

3. My favorite color is yellow but you will NEVER catch me wearing it. My wardrobe consist of mainly neutrals and shades of black. 

4. I have never seen Grays Anatomy, Friends, or Office Space. Sorry. Please don't hate me. However, I can watch How I Met Your Mother on repeat.

5. I am a introverted-extrovert. I can take the lead and be the loud one when needed, or be the quiet, observant one. I can get down on the dance floor with your crazy aunt or take a step away to allow you to savor a moment of intimacy. However, I will always love some good quiet time over a nice cup of coffee.  

6. If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I would either be a wedding florist or would have continued in the counseling field. 

7. Team Coke all the way. Pepsi is the WORST! 

8. My husband said he wouldn't marry me until I watched all the Star Wars movies. 

9. We are HUGE Anaheim Duck Hockey fans. 

10. My husband and I have a rule that we cannot eat at a restaurant we can at home when we are traveling.

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the wonderful details that make my life so sweet


PauL - Married in Aug 2016

03. cOFFEE


Penelope (5) + Theodore (2)

04. my passion





I’m normally awkward AF in photos so I needed someone who was more than a photographer - Kyrsten is that person! She’s so fun, friendly, kind, and thoughtful! When you’re with her you don’t feel like just another client, you feel like you’re just goofing off with your homies! We got to the session 15 mins early in case of traffic and it was exciting to see she was already there, one step ahead of us every time! Glad we got there early because we got to enjoy some local ciders (thoughtful gift, girl!! Yum AF!) and got to know Kyrsten’s story and she got to know more about our story before! That made me even more comfortable

I could not be happier that we picked her. She is not only a true, knowledgeable professional, but she is also a calming presence on a day that can/will otherwise be incredibly hectic. She works hard to get the perfect shot and makes the whole experience fun and romantic. I never once doubted her.  I’m so glad I did because the outcome blew my mind. Kyrsten is a fabulous photographer and a genuinely sweet friend. She’s bold, creative, considerate, efficient, fair, and professional. 

Kyrsten is your one stop shop for ALL of your photography dreams!!! She had my fiance and I laughing the entire time, and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She has such a beautiful spirit and even though it was our first time meeting her, it honestly felt like we were hanging out with our best friend! Time flew by with all the fun we were having and our pictures turned out so PERFECT!!! She was able to capture our love in its purest form and made us feel so free during entire process.

I truly don’t think there are enough good things to say about Kyrsten & her photography skills! Her eye for detail & her gorgeous aesthetic really sets her apart from all the rest. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable during our engagement session & not only did we have so much fun but our pictures were stunning! Our wedding gallery was beyond anything we could’ve expected. She captured our day so beautifully, it brought tears to my eyes reliving it while looking through the pictures. We highly recommend Kyrsten, you will not regret choosing her!

Kyrsten is a god send! My wedding wouldn’t have been complete with out her. She not only is an amazing photographer, but she was also there for me every time I needed anything on my big day! There were countless moments that Kyrsten went above and beyond! My husband and I feel so lucky that Kyrsten was such a big part of our day! And to top it all off, her photography is stunning! We continue to get compliments on our wedding photos and we will cherish them forever. She is truly a talented artist and it clearly shows in her photos and her work ethic. Kyrsten will hold a very special place in our hearts forever. We can’t thank her enough or put into words how much she means to us!