To love,
to serve, 
& preserve your legacy. 

I value you, your investment, and your memories. I know that wedding photography is not a decision to be made lightly! That’s why all collections include all day coverage and are completely custom to your needs and values. This ensures your wedding day is documented in just the way you deserve!


avg. investment 400

•60 Minute Session
•Unlimited consultation, guiding, and direct planning assistance
•Online Gallery for High Res. Download
•Print release


avg. investment 3310

•Start-to-finish coverage
•Unlimited consultation, guiding, and direct planning assistance
•Online Gallery for High Res. Download
•Print release


avg. investment 2000

•4 hours of coverage
•Unlimited consultation, guiding, and direct planning assistance
•Online Gallery for High Res. Download
•Print release


avg. investment 3850

•For weddings outside DFW Metroplex & California
•Includes airfare and accommodations
•Start-to-finish coverage
•Unlimited consultation, guiding, and direct planning assistance 
•Online Gallery for High Res. Download
•Print release

Look. I understand that photography is an investment and is a luxury service. However, just because  anyone can claim to "take a photo" in this age, doesn’t mean you should leave the job up to just anyone to capture your wedding day. I specialize in wedding photography and capturing all the emotions of the day while allowing you to savor the day and creating beautiful and timeless art for you to cherish. I am always willing to work with a budget but please be respectful in knowing my investment to provide beautiful imagery and ability to provide for my family.  If you are thinking "I want the cheapest photographer I can find because I just want photos of my day”, then I will be honest and say I am not the photographer for you. However, if your mindset is more “I respect her work so much and her time, investment, and vision. I connect to her and her work but I truly only have this XXX amount to spend.” Then please, send me a message and tell me your story, and I can see what I can do! Trust me, if I could do this for free, I would! But, Penelope's LOL Doll Surprise Collection and Theodore's endless hunger is expensive!


Every wedding is so unique with hours, location, needs, and values. Please fill out my contact form and feel free to brag a little! I'm a sucker for a good love story! The more information, the better I can get you a collection that  best serves you and your needs for your wedding day!




You have questions, and I've got answers!

Yes, I love to travel for photography sessions! In your Inquiry, please let me know where you are located, and I will provide you with a custom quote! I can't wait to plan my next adventure!


Book ASAP! I do book the following year for weddings & elopements. Currently, I book 6-18 months in advanced. I am only one person so I only book one wedding per day. They are booked on a first come first serve basis.

02. When should I book my date?

For couple sessions I deliver a minimum of 60 high res edited digital files. For elopements and weddings a minimum of 50-100 images per hour. I can't put an exact number because every session and wedding are different. I promise I won't leave anything out, and you'll get back the best of the best.

03. How many photos can we expect?

I require a flat $800 non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and signed contract for elopements & elopements. Engagement sessions require a flat $200 non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and signed contract. The remainder is due 30 days (weddings)/day of (engagements). Easy peasy.

04. How does payment work?

6-8 weeks for elopements & weddings. 3-4 weeks for engagement sessions.


HELL YES YOU CAN! I photograph all love. 

06. We are an LGBTQ+ Couple, Can we book you?

Yes! All your wedding vendors should definitely have insurance.

07. Are you insured?

No. Giving out unedited images is like a chef giving out uncooked ingredients. I mean...unless its Korean BBQ or sushi, no one wants to go out to dinner and receive raw food. If for some reason you think I may have missed something, just ask! 

08. Do you give out unedited photos?

For this to be an issue, I would have to be either in the hospital or having a family emergency/death. Heaven forbid something out of my control came up that prevented me being at your wedding, I will personally find a replacement day of photographer whom I completely trust to serve you and whose work I know you will love.

09. What Happens if you can't be at our wedding?

I definitely scout out gorgeous locations in your wedding/elopement area beforehand. If the venue is local to me -- I typically will do a venue tour beforehand. If I am traveling, I schedule my flights early to scout. 

10. What if you've never been to the location before?

Most definitely. I want you to know what you can expect and get familiar with the gallery system that I use to deliver your images. If you would like to see a full wedding gallery, just ask during the booking process. 

11. Can we see a full wedding gallery?

Depending on where at -- a vanilla latte or a cortado. If we're talking Starbucks, a quad shot of espresso with sweet cream!

12. what's your coffee order?

First let me start by saying Kyrsten is an absolute delight. She is very sweet and passionate about her job. Our first time meeting her was very pleasant, and by the end of the shoot it felt as though we'd known her for years! She made our experience very comfortable and fun! Then there's the photos, and oh WOW are they all beautiful! Kyrsten is very talented and you can see her love and passion in her work. If you want your most treasured moments captured tastefully and beautifully Kyrsten is your girl!

Irene + gilbert

Kyrsten is one of the sweetest but also, will bring you out of your shell to make sure she captures the most beautiful pictures you never thought you were capable of. She is also a creative mind and never fails to keep learning to make sure her clients are getting the very best. There is no doubt you will be selecting a great photographer when picking her.

Tina + mONTANA

The experience Kyrsten gives you is unparalleled. I was nervous but she is able to make you feel like no one else is around except for you guys. She makes everything flow naturally and her talent speaks for itself. The ideas she’s able to come up with in seconds, makes for the best photos. She’s the kindest and most down to earth, and has to be the easiest person to work with. She makes all those nerves go right away! She described it as us, just being us and her there to capture it, and that’s really what it felt like. The memories she helps create are amazing, can’t say thank you enough!! You’re going to be my life long go-to photographer!!!

whitney + Marco

Kyrsten is the best! Within 5 minutes of meeting her you feel like you’ve known her your entire life. She is so amazing at making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. My partner and I are definitely not models and she communicates in a way that just naturally allows you to make the faces and show the emotions she is wanting. She is also a visionary that knows how to translate what she sees in her mind and translates it to film. We will definitely use her again!


I’m normally awkward AF in photos so I needed someone who was more than a photographer - Kyrsten is that person! She’s so fun, friendly, kind, and thoughtful! When you’re with her you don’t feel like just another client, you feel like you’re just goofing off with your homies! We got to the session 15 mins early just Incase of traffic and it was exciting to see she was already there, one step ahead of us every time! Glad we got there early because we got to enjoy some local ciders (thoughtful gift, girl!! Yum AF!) and got to know Kyrsten’s story and she got to know more about our story before we actually started taking pictures! That made me even more comfortable! I already LOVE every single photo. Thanks so much Kyrsten, can’t wait to work with you again!!


Kyrsten is the kindest and sweetest soul and everything about her shows through her work and how talented she is! She genuinely cares about her clients and capturing the tenderest moments when you're doing a shoot with her. She gave me photos that were more beautiful than I could of imagined and my husband and I are honestly so awkward and she made us feel so comfortable!
Every time I want professional photos I'm going with Kyrsten because her and her work are amazing and worth every penny! Thank you again !

MELISSA + Robert

LOVE NOTES from KAP Couples

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