I am a published destination wedding photographer based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. I love to freeze reactions and moments often missed whether it's a quick loving glance at your partner, a kiss on the shoulder, or sharing a laugh. I strive to photograph reactions and the in-between rather than the a prom-esque pose. When I don’t have my camera in my hand, I spend my time sipping coffee at my favorite local coffee shops, spending quality time with my husband and children, and adventure seeking while I search out the best restaurants to quench my foodie cravings (can you blame me?!). I look forward to working with you, let’s grab a cup of coffee soon. I will show you one of my favorite local joints! 

Hi there,
I'm Kyrsten. 

I'm so glad you came to visit me! 

1. family + Jesus.
2. quad shot espresso during the day + a glass of red wine or handcrafted cocktail in the evening.
3. freshly cut flowers.
4. ice cream, sushi, pasta, cheese.
5. travel because it feeds my soul whether it is hopping on an airplane or in my own backyard.

I live for...
Am I your type?

The Experience

Just call me your sixth bridesmaid. I am there every step of the way of the process from engagement session planning to timeline creation. If you need some romantic locations for your engagement sesh? I got that covered. Need help styling your session? Let's go shopping. I help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and rock your engagement sesh. 

Afterwards, we'll start planning your timeline to ensure that you have enough time for family portraits to the candid moments. Throughout the wedding day, I am often seen holding trains, making sure you take off your hair tie before walking down the aisle, bringing water to grandma, dancing with you+aunt Susie, or standing on chairs to get all those embarrassing dancing photos. 

As your photographer, I'll document details throughout your wedding day, capturing the raw emotions, and photographing the events as they organically unfold.The photographs will tell your wedding story.  I want you to relive your wedding day when looking at your photographs . In those photographs, you will see all the beautiful details, the energy, and the pure joy from your wedding day over and over again. Because at the end of the day, the cake will be eaten, the flowers will wilt, and the music will stop, but your photographs will last forever.
But most importantly; I build relationships with all of my clients that turn into lasting friendships. 

Dallas, TX based Traveling Wedding Photographer.

Specializing in Wedding and Portraiture Photography.
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