McCormick Home Ranch Wedding by Camarillo Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

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Wedding Advice from KAP Couples

Wedding Wednesday

April 16, 2020

Gianni + Jonah

Boho Campground Wedding by Dallas Wedding PhotographerJewish ceremony photos at Boho Camp inspired wedding by Dallas wedding photographer

Slow down and let the day and everything that is happening soak in. Wedding days go by so incredibly fast so it’s good to remind yourself to breath and to take mental pictures. 

Focus more on what you want your wedding to feel like instead of what you want it to look like. It’s easy to get so caught up in the details but at the end of the day do what’s right for you both as a couple and try not to stress to much on little things. 

Make sure you eat! Enjoy your first dinner as a married couple.

Don’t worry about saying “hi” to everyone. It’s impossible, and, the day is about you two so make sure you focus on each other and spending quality time together! 

Let your family help you! It’s easy to want to control everything. However, on the day of your wedding just focus on getting ready and preparing yourself emotionally and let trusted friends and family take care of the rest.

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Jazmine & Adam

Winter White Barn Wedding in Temecula, CA by Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

Winter White Barn Wedding in Temecula, CA by Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

Think about what is most important to you and set your budget around that. For me, it was photography and the venue.

Make a list of all the little things you need as you go so that you won’t forget.

Hair and makeup trial! Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something. 

Get as much done as you can, the sooner the better so that you don’t feel extra stressed right before your big day.

Day of: Eat! Even something small.  Take a moment to just look around and take it in. And, don’t stress about little things you may have forgotten etc, you’ll realize some of those things aren’t important as you thought. 

Finally, let loose and have fun! Looking back at photos of genuine smiles and laughter is the best feeling

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Ponte Winery Wedding in Temecula, CA by Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

Ponte Winery Wedding in Temecula, CA by Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

Create a Pinterest board of your vision and share with your bridesmaids or anyone else involved with the planning process. Budget Tip: Visit local thrift shops to scope out decor 

Create a google doc of all of your vendors with columns for the total cost of the service, the amount you’ve paid for deposit, and the remaining amount and date owed. 

When ordering invitations and save the dates, remember that you only need one per household (not per guest!). However, don’t forget to order a few extra for props, decor, memories etc. 

Number your invitations and create a google doc with the corresponding guests  names and assigned number. This saved  so much time and potential stress from tracking down people. There are more people than you would think that forget to put their name on their RSVP! 

A week before the big day, send a short timeline for the day before and the day of schedule to the wedding party (including parents). This will eliminate confusion and help the timeline run more smoothly (& eliminate a lot of questions from everyone 😉). 

Have a back up pair of comfortable sandals or shoes for after the ceremony.

If you need extra help for tear down, ask your wedding party PRIOR to the wedding (maybe a few days before or a week before) to plan to stay after and help. Assign tasks to specific people so the process goes faster and smoother. Let those people know (also PRIOR to the wedding day) where to place the items or where to return them to. 

Create envelopes for vendors that need to be paid on the day of the wedding. Label the envelopes with the vendors names & depending on how comfortable you feel, delegate to the MOH (or another wedding party member) to track down the vendors and hand them the envelopes. 

If you are planning on preserving your flowers, figure out the logistics before the wedding and gather the necessary materials. 

It’s probably the last thing you want to do after the wedding but, order a copy of your marriage license as soon as possible. 

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wedding planning tips from real couples

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