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March 25, 2019



I don’t even know where to start to talk about Savanah and Jackson. I have such a love for these two. It could be that we all love junk food and connected over our passion for a good chocolate chip cookie. Or it could be that Jackson gives one of the best hugs I have ever received. No joke. I love hugs and I would easily rate Jackson’s hug’s a 10/10. Don’t worry Paul if you’re reading this, your hugs are still number one.

Savanah and I connected when I did head shots for the salon, The Beauty Artisan, she does eyelash extensions at. Naturally, one of the first things I noticed was her stunning engagement ring. How could you not?! Then, she told me all about her upcoming Temecula wedding — October 20 at Lake Oak Meadows. Now, October 20 is one of my favorite days out of the year since it is my birthday and all. I am happy to share my birthday with these two. I know their wedding day is going to be an epic party! Plus, their Temecula wedding venue is an absolute dream.

The proposal: Jackson along with two of Savanah’s cousins conspired behind her back and set up a whole day in Laguna Beach where Jackson was going to pop the big question! The day turned from a quaint afternoon photo session to a complete group outing; Savanah’s sister, two cousin’s, her cousin’s best friend.  After walking around for almost an hour looking for the perfect location for pictures, Savanah started to get a bit antsy. Jackson started to panic and picked the tide pools in Laguna Beach. Naturally, Savanah and Jackson didn’t know what to do and were being silly (totally normal for Savanah and Jackson) for the photos and decided to recreate the famous Titanic scene. You know the one with Jack holding Rose at the bow of the boat. As Jackson was holding Savanah, she turned around to give him a kiss. Instead of Jackson being behind Savanah, he was down on one knee with her dream ring! Afterwards, they headed to Savanah’s aunt & uncle’s for a surprise engagement party set up with food, champagne and cake!

Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA featuring ring detail shot

The light that we had during Jackson and Savanah’s Temecula engagement session was so dreamy. The light was pouring in through the trees. Aren’t those sun rays gorgeous?! As a photographer, I am always so inspired by the light. Of course, my favorite time for portrait sessions is during golden hour when the sun is the softest. However, I love when the sun dips just below the horizon. It set’s the tone for romance and adds so much more mood.
Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA featuring ring detail shot boho braid hairstyle for engagement photos

I get asked about this pose quite frequently. Let me break it down for you. First, I will have them both look at me. I call it the “For Grandma” pose. You know what I am talking about. Then, I ask them to look in opposite directions. While doing so, I explain to them that in relationships you are often watching each other’s back and at times feel like it’s them and their partner against the world. This is how I have put my spin on this currently “trendy” pose. After, I will ask the guy to slowly look over at his woman and admire her lovingly. Lastly, I will ask the bride to slowly have her eyes connect with her grooms. This is when the magic happens. I then step back and let them enjoy the moment of lovingly looking into each other’s eyes. Typically, they will smile at one another then will end in a sweet kiss or a tender touch of affection.

Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA Ring detail photo during Temecula engagement session Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA during golden hour Outdoor engagement session in Temecula, CA during golden hour Boho braided style for engagement session

Want to book your own engagement session? Shoot me a message and let me know! You know I’m your girl. Use the contact form today to get in touch with me. Those interested in viewing more Temecula engagement photos can check out Jeannie and Sam’s Owl Creek Farms Engagement Session I photographed late last year!

Vendor Team // Hair: Heartz Beauty Co

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