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Downtown Dallas Rooftop Session

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June 7, 2019



This Downtown Dallas Rooftop session stole my heart. I found this location after searching Google and Pinterest. I knew the moment I found it, I had to do a couples session there.  Lucas and Madeline literally made my damn night. I knew from the second I read their pre-session questionnaire that their Downtown Dallas Rooftop session, was going to be one for the books.  If I could share the whole thing–I would. However, I won’t because I don’t want to give all my secrets away. I will say though, I don’t know if a couple can be any more perfect for each other than Madeline and Lucas.

The morning of their Downtown Dallas Rooftop session, Madeline sent an email on Lucus’ behalf saying Lucus is “not an Instagram model”. I almost snorted my coffee while reading the email. Lucas had us all fooled that night because he completely ROCKED our session. The whole time I was squealing with pure excitement. I could barely contain myself. This Downtown Dallas rooftop session ignited a burning passion inside my soul.

Madeline and Lucas were one of five sessions I had in Dallas in May. After those sessions I learned:

  1. When it says the sun sets at 8p…that really means you have until like 9pm because there are NO HILLS in Texas.
  2. I need to allow myself 30-45 minutes to my travel time because driving in Dallas is much much much different. And I will get lost at least 3 times before I find where I am supposed to be.
  3. A lifetime supply of bug repellent will be needed hands down.
  4. The weather in Texas is incredibly unpredictable and crazy.

Madeline, how would you describe Lucas’s personality?

Lucas is steadfast, strong and gracious. He is kind and ridiculously funny once he’s out of his shell. At first he can seem shy [he’s an introvert] but once he’s comfortable he is adventurous, a party starter, and a leader.

Now, how would you describe Madeline’s personality, Lucas?

Maddy is strong, bold, and fearless. Someone who can initiate conversation with anyone. A friendly, sweet, kind, loving soul. She has a silly spirit.

I witnessed Madeline’s friendly, loving soul first hand. Madeline’s words of encouragement regarding my upcoming move to Dallas was definitely needed. Madeline is an amazing photographer herself so hearing her words of affirmations were truly welcomed.

Are you a North Texas Bride getting married 2019 or 2020, let’s chat!!!! If you are still searching for the perfect North Texas wedding venues be sure to check out my Top 5 Dallas Wedding Venues. These ones you don’t want to miss. Those interested in viewing more Dallas engagement sessions can check out Daniel and Revaya’s Texas Discovery Gardens engagement session!

  1. Linh says:

    This is beautiful. Where is this location? Was it free to get in?

  2. Melvin says:

    Hi great shots you got there. Which lens did you use to shoot this? Prime?

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