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Surviving Motherhood and Entrepreneurship


April 7, 2020

I’ve been asked how I balance a successful wedding photography business and having a family so many times, and I’ll be honest it’s rewarding, challenging, and exhausting all at once. There is also no right or wrong way to work from home. It’s okay if your business and motherhood balance looks different. What may work for my family, may not work for yours and that is okay. Here are some tips to survive motherhood and run a successful business; without losing your mind. 

work from home tips from Dallas Wedding Photographer

Working from home has it’s perks but there’s also some downfalls. I’m sure you’ve all heard how awesome it must be to wear your PJs all day, sipping coffee, working in the comfort of your own home. Sure, that sounds incredible but that also means there is no clocking in and out of work and no one to stand over you to make sure you’re actually being productive. Now, let’s add kids in the mix. The constant….and I mean constant interruptions. The most difficult part is when I have a deadline or a great idea and want to get that down ASAP, sometimes, I can’t. 

Here are Nine Work from Home Tips that help focus your mind, get your work done, and still be a great parent (without losing your mind). I can’t promise you won’t be tired still, though. 


Your mind is your most powerful tool. What is your “why”? What is the reason you have your business? Mine isn’t just to provide for my family but also the way I express myself and the way I get to be creative. In many ways my business is an extension of self care because what I do is so fulfilling. Remember why you chose this option. There will be hard days and days you feel like you’re failing as a mother or a business owner. On those days remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

work from home tips from Dallas Wedding Photographer

Get Organized. 

I would not survive without my Golden Coil planner and Honeybook. Golden Coil is a customizable planner to fit your needs. Mine has a monthly view for blogging content calendar, then a weekly to-do list. Honeybook is a client management software that streamlines my business from booking, payments, reports, and so much more. 

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Make a Weekly “To-Do” List then Batch. 

Every Sunday, I make a weekly color coded to-do list that is broken into five different categories: client management, business tasks (marketing/website tweaks/back end business management), social media, blogging, and editing. I then assign each day a task to focus on. There are some days that I focus on 2 or 3 different tasks. For example, Monday’s are assigned to client management and blogging. 

work from home tips from Dallas Wedding Photographer

Set Clear and Realistic Expectations. 

I make it a point to let my family know when I am working. I’m stern with my kids and family when I am working, I explain to my kids that it can’t be all about them all day and that I need to work and why mommy needs to work. They know that there is time for work and family time. 

Be Flexible. 

Set yourself up for success, not failure. Make sure your “to-do” list is flexible and achievable. As we all know, with kids, anything can come up. These “things” can throw off your whole day and sometimes your whole week. So, make sure your to-do list is flexible and you have a backup plan for emergency situations. 

Take Advantage of Nap Time or Quiet Time. 

Have Goals. 

Set weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals. This helps you stay focused even when you’re exhausted and about to lose your mind. Your goals will drive you when the coffee and extra shots of espresso doesn’t cut it anymore. Goals remind you why you work so hard. I recommend putting your goals someplace you can see them on a daily basis. 

work from home tips from Dallas Wedding Photographer

Give Yourself Grace. 

Some days will be harder than others. When you own your own business you have a lot of balls in the air, same as in motherhood. It’s a constant juggling act. You will get all the “things” done, your timing may just look different.

Create Boundaries. 

The biggest advice I can give is to set boundaries when it comes to your availability. Overworking yourself will only lead to burn-out, and setting clear boundaries is essential in having a good work/home balance. 

My heart goes out to all moms because this shit isn’t easy and everyday brings another set of challenges.  Remember, it’s okay. Give yourself grace. You’re an incredible mother and an incredible business owner. I am right there with you in this. 

work from home tips from Dallas Wedding Photographer

Kyrsten Ashlay Photography is a Dallas and Southern California Based Destination Wedding Photographer specializing in romantic, soulful, and warm imagery for wildly in love couples. Did you enjoy these tips on how to work from home and survive motherhood? Be sure to check out Six Ways to Increase your Client Experience. If you’re a photography professional and you’re struggling, please know that I am here for you. I want to see you succeed. You have me in your corner cheering for you. If you are wanting a one-on-one learning experience, I would love to schedule a free 15 minute business mindset call with you today.

Are you a Dallas or Southern California Bride? You can also visit my website for more Dallas weddings! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day in Southern California or the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I’d love to hear from you! Or have you seen enough and want to book this Dallas Wedding Photographer for your upcoming wedding or event?! Send me a note and let me treat you to coffee (or a fancy gin & tonic)– can’t wait to connect!

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