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Choosing an Engagement Session Location (Updated Feb 2023)

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February 28, 2023



Happy Wedding Wednesday!  So far we have covered: what to wear and how to rock your engagement session. I bet the next question is “where should we go for our engagement session?”. No need to worry your girl has your back. As a Dallas and Southern California wedding photographer I got you covered. Oftentimes couples ask for help deciding on where to have their engagement session. While, I have a plethora of gorgeous locations, here are five tips to choosing an engagement session location. These tips will help find a unique location for your engagement session that reflects you as a couple and make your engagement session even more meaningful!

Choosing the Right Engagement Session Location

Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session by Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

First! The location of your engagement session is up to you! Most of my clients choose to showcase the natural beauty of their home state. As you’ll notice most of my engagement sessions, are at outdoor, open-air environments. These are always my first choice or for a more intimate feel in-home lifestyle sessions are always fun. I love shooting in wide-open natural spaces because the light is divine, especially during golden hour. Now, things to consider when choosing an engagement session location.

Choosing A Location That Is Sentimental And Meaningful To You

Deep Ellum Engagement Session by Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

I am a huge fan when couples make their engagement session personal.  Here are some questions to help start brainstorming engagement session locations. Where did you first meet?  Is there a location that is meaningful or part of your love story? Where was your first date or proposal? Do you have a favorite location around your town? Or perhaps, a place you love to visit to reconnect? How about somewhere you often vacation together? We can return back to where you had your first date such as Andrea + Pharon did!

Choosing a Location that Suits Your Personality and Hobbies

Engagement sessions should be a reflection of the two of you. When choosing an engagement session location it should be a place that suits your interest and personality. One way to personalize your engagement session is by having fun doing one of your favorite activities together. I typically recommend having my couples write a list of ideally how they would like to spend their time together. Then base a location around that list. Do you love to cook or bake together? Let’s bake some brownies, throw some flour at each other, and get cozy in the comfort of your own home or cute Air BnB. Or, do you love visiting local coffee shops or breweries? Do you love craft cocktails? Or, ice cream dates? Do you love the outdoors and hiking up mountains? Seriously, let’s throw on our hiking boots and hit the mountain. Or, do you prefer to hit the beach and play in the water? Is there a yearly tradition that is special such as picking apples, visiting pumpkin patches, or going to the Texas State Fair? Think of your engagement session as a date night with the ultimate third wheel.

Choose a Location that Compliments Your Outfits

Temecula Engagement Session at Owl Creek Farms Foundation, Temecula, CA - Temecula Wedding Venue

Just like your location, your outfits should reflect your personalities.  It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in them. Your outfits should also LOOK like something you would wear. If you are picking a location first, then your outfit needs to compliment that location. If you are taking pictures in a field or garden, consider clothes with more natural colors. And if you are taking pictures in a downtown area, you might consider wearing bolder colors or a style that is complimentary to the area such as Christian and June did. You can read much more on about what to wear for your engagement session here.

Choosing a Location that is Outside the Box

Tulsa Oklahoma Engagement Session by Oklahoma Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

Now is the time to think outside the box! I encourage you to brainstorm unique locations that you might have special access to that most people don’t. For example, maybe you, or someone in your network, can secure permission to a location that would otherwise be off-limits, like a beautiful private estate, country club, or resort. Maybe it’s a family ranch or restaurant, upscale hotel or a boat, yacht, airplane hangar or a rooftop view. The sky is literally the limit! Spend a few minutes thinking about it and checking around. You’ll be surprised with what you come up with. Plus, if something seems out of reach, just remember: you never know until you ask!

There you have it–five tips to choosing an engagement session location! In case you missed my prior post here is a quick guide on what to wear to rock your engagement session and five tips to rock your engagement session! So, you’re recently engaged and want a unique engagement sessions experience catered to you and your love?! Fill out the contact form today and let’s start planning!

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