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Five Reasons to Invest in Custom Wedding Invitations

Wedding Wednesday

April 17, 2019

Denise here from Something Lettered. I’m back! If you missed part one you can check it out here!



Recap: Part One was all about getting to know the face behind the brand. Now, this time with the scoop on custom wedding invitations. You may have seen them while browsing through Pinterest planning or dreaming about your big day. Perhaps, you’ve booked your wedding venue, found your dream dress, and now it’s time to purchase invitations. Have you been scrolling page after page on wedding invitation websites (cough Minted cough) and starting to feel completely overwhelmed by all the beautiful designs? Or perhaps, you aren’t finding the perfect wedding invitation suite that reflects your vision of your upcoming wedding?
Well, don’t worry! That is exactly why I am here. I’m here to tell you why custom invitations should be on the forefront of your mind and why the investment (because they ARE an investment) is SOOOOO worth it. Every penny spent will make a lasting impression on guests and will have a keepsake to hold dear even after the wedding day has passed.
olive wedding invitation by Something Lettered and wedding jewelry

Reason #1: Custom invitations are just that: CUSTOM!

I am guessing, you want your wedding to be unique in every way, right? Start with your invitations! There’s no better way to make sure your suite is 100% YOU than going custom! You won’t just be choosing from a selection that literally, thousands of other couples have chosen for their wedding. The style, colors, illustrations, calligraphy, composition, etc. will all be handpicked by a designer based on things discussed in your design meeting!What is a design meeting? The design meeting is a huge because it allows your designer to learn all about you and your partner’s love story, your likes, dislikes, favorite things to do and see and everything in between! It’s probably my favorite part of the entire custom process.
calligrapher Something Lettered addressing wedding envelopes for wedding invitation suite

Reason #2: They set the tone for your wedding day!

How do you want your guests to anticipate your big day? I guarantee that you’ll want them to be excited. Would rather your invitation be front and center on the refrigerator or on the side?! If you answered, the front custom invitations are for you. Your invitations should match the vibe of the entire day and be cohesive to your event design.  However, perhaps you aren’t 100% sure what you want the day to look like or don’t have a style or colors in mind. That’s ok! If you hired a good designer, they could actually help you form that vision!

Reason #3: You’re in control!

No really. If you’re type A like myself, that sounds like a perfect scenario. Even if you just have a general idea and you trust your designer to go for it, in the end you have the final say in what your wedding invitation suite looks like! You get to have input on every line of your invitation. If you want to break the “rules” and have a round RSVP cards or an over-sized main wedding invitations, cool! You can do it. Or, maybe you want handmade ribbon wrapped around the entire suite before it goes into the outer envelope? You got it. If you want more relaxed and casual wording, it’s SO EASY to do it! You quite literally get to think outside the little predetermined text boxes from online wedding invitation design websites.
name cards for wedding table seating chart by calligrapher Something Lettered

Reason #4: One word…COHESION

A tiny backstory before I dive into this bare with me. Before I started Something Lettered, I was a wedding coordinator. My favorite part of the job was meeting couples and sticking with them throughout the entire process. Seeing their wedding come to life after months of discussion was always so satisfying. So as a calligrapher and stationery designer, I enjoy doing the same. I like to call myself a “one stop shop!” Starting with the creation of Save the Dates, creating your wedding invitation suite, and ending with day of stationery and signage. I am able to get to know not only my clients, but their wedding vision. Inevitably, if you were to put each design together (say, in a photograph), it ALL GOES TOGETHER! There’s a concept I can get behind. AND if you’re designer just so happens to be a calligrapher too (ohh, hi!), they can include their calligraphy on your invitation, insert cards, welcome sign, place cards, etc.
vows written in calligraphy by Something Lettered

Reason #5 (and quite possibly the most important): Time!

Time is such a precious commodity. This may be because I have two kids and life seems to be flying by. I pay for convenience! Most people I talk to have the same outlook, kids or not. So, when you’re planning your wedding, the last thing you want to be doing is scrolling aimlessly, trying to find your perfect wedding invitation suite. It’s not just the main invitation, guys. It’s the envelopes, the paper selection, the embellishments, the postage. All these pieces are what takes your custom stationery to the next level, things you might not necessarily think about, but that really make a difference! Your designer will take care of all these things for you. We know where to find high quality paper and the best envelope colors so you don’t have to go searching. I truly believe that out of everything we’ve talked about, convenience alone is a perfect reason to hire a custom stationery designer for your wedding invitation suite!

There you have it! Five reasons to invest in custom wedding invitation suites. If you’ve been looking high and low for that perfect wedding invitation suite and you just haven’t found “the one” yet, reach out! I want to help you make this part of the wedding planning process easy and fun! Let’s create gorgeous keepsakes that you’ll be proud to have photographed and not just another piece of paper that will find it’s was to the trash. Impress your guests and get them as excited about your special day as you are!
xo, Denise

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