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June 10, 2019


Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography branding session


#1 One of my favorite past times as a child was going through all my grandparents photo albums. In my grandma’s office (aka her TV room), she had a bookshelf full of albums and boxes of photos. I would rummage through them all day long. I truly believe this is where my passion for photographs started. We would sit there for hours and she would tell me stories of loved ones, travels, and my grandparents love story. In addition, my aunt and I would play “photoshoot” where I would dress up and she would take hysterical photos of me. Those two memories are some of my fondest childhood memories. It is no surprise that my passion for photographs and artwork flourished.

#2 My friends call me picky when it comes to food. However, I like to think of myself as just particular. There are things I LOOOOOOVE to eat and things I absolutely will not touch. There is no in-between. My faves: cheese (seriously, any kind besides American. Let’s be real–that ish is just plastic.), pasta, SUSHI, fish/shellfish, steak medium rare, my husband’s pork chops, MAC N CHEESE, peanut butter. Dislikes: mayo, beans, bananas, tuna salad sandwiches, mayo based potato salad or pasta salad.

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Kyrsten Ashlay Photography branding session inside coffee shop

#3 I am a self proclaimed “Yelp Queen”. I have so many bookmarks of different restaurants, bakery’s, bars, and coffee shops all around the United States. One of my favorite pastimes is trying new coffee shops, local hidden gems, and exploring new cities.  Since our move to Dallas, I have Yelp bookmarks, Instagram collections, and Pinterest board full of local places I want to try. My husband and I have a rule that when we’re out of town we cannot eat someplace we can locally. It has made living in Dallas/Fort Worth so fun and exciting.

#4 Talking about coffee. I am self diagnosed with “Caffeine Use Disorder”. Coffee is my love language. I live off of coffee + Cranberry Redbulls. Sometimes, when I am feeling fancy, I will throw London Fog Latte or Matcha in the mix.

Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography branding session

#5 Where are all my enneagram lovers at?! Your Dallas Wedding Photographer is a number 1 enneagram with 3 and 8 coming in next. That means I live up to high ideals, work my ass off + put my 110% into my commitments, and your ultimate hype woman. My number 3 helps me adapt to any given situation, recover quickly from setbacks (aka timeline setbacks), and can accomplish a lot quickly (*cough*familyformalsinfiveminutesifneeded*cough*). Whereas, my number 8 makes me a champion of people, a provider, a protector of your legacy, and supporter of others. Those whom are close to me know that they are safe and protected. Just like my vows to KAP couples.

#6 I never cry during movies or television shows. However, you can catch me crying behind the camera at almost all vow readings,  father/daughter dances, or quiet moments with your grandparents.

Dallas Wedding Photographer Kyrsten Ashlay Photography branding session

#7 I love anything lavender or lemon flavored. For my bridal shower, I asked my bridesmaid to make lavender flavored cupcakes. While I thoroughly enjoyed them, everyone else thought they tasted like soap.

#8 I live my life through list and my calendar. If it is not on my calendar, it is not happening. If I do not write something down, I will more than likely forget it. I have lists for my lists. I also have back ups of my calendar. Also, I have a calendar for different things–personal, sessions/business, blog. C’moooon, are you surprised?

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Kyrsten Ashlay Photography branding session inside coffee shop

#9 I have the ultimate sweet tooth. As your Dallas wedding photographer, you can bet your butt that I will have a slice of cake. I typically take a slice home so while I am uploading your images that night I can enjoy it.

#10  I may be a Dallas Texas and Southern California based wedding photographer, but your girl LOVES to travel. The trips can be exploring a new city close by or far off destinations. Growing up we weren’t able to travel frequently but when we did there was always so many fond memories. I love the excitement of planning the trips, exploring unknown places, and soaking in a new culture. If you want to go explore a new city or location for your session, let me know! Let’s go hiking, get on a boat, hop on a plane, or jump on a train. LET’S DO THE DAMN THING.

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Kyrsten Ashlay Photography branding session inside coffee shop

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