Successful Wedding Photography Blogging: 3 Reasons Wedding Photographers Should Blog

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June 18, 2019

3 reasons wedding photographers should blog - branding session in coffee shop for Dallas wedding photographer

Top 3 reasons wedding photographers should blog

Often times, wedding photographers have blogs, yet haven’t written a blog since 2012. The blog section of their website has as many cobwebs as grandma’s attic. The typical reason I hear is “I don’t know what to write”, “I don’t have time”, or simply they do not know what blogging will do for their business.

Trust me, as a Dallas wedding photographer get it. I was there once too. I am here to tell you that blogging isn’t the hard part. The hard part is creating a finding a routine, fighting excuses, being consistent, and most of all starting.

Here are three reasons why all wedding photographers should blog:

Gain Credibility

3 reasons wedding photographers should blog - branding session in coffee shop for Dallas wedding photographer

One reasons wedding photographers should blog is blogging establishes credibility. In addition to credibility, blogging allows wedding photographers to increase their brand position, authority, and awareness. Blogging allows wedding photographers to create unique content that speaks to their target market while also establishing trust. Wedding photographers may also use their blog to answer current or future  clients questions such as what to wear to an engagement session, top wedding venues in a specific market, ect. You can also educate potential clients on what services are offered and insight to your client experience. In addition, blogging is such a powerful tool to set yourself apart from the competition and show off your expertise.

Increase Website Traffic

3 reasons wedding photographers should blog - branding session in coffee shop for Dallas wedding photographer

Another reason wedding photographers should blog is increased website traffic. Wedding photographers should think of their blog as an additional source of advertising. Personally, I have different advertising “buckets” such as Social Media, Networking, and SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is it stands for search engine optimization. In everyday terms its how Google rates your web content. While this is NOT going to be a lecture on SEO think of blogging as a way to drive traffic to your website. More traffic = the higher you rank on Google. The higher you rank on Google means more potential clients seeing your work. Also, blogging shows Google that a website is “active” since it is constantly being “updated”, which also increases your ranking on Google. That in itself is a win-win for me.

Also, social media such as Instagram and Facebook are constantly changing their algorithm. You do not technically own any of your social media platforms. However, you own website and your blog. While SEO is forever evolving, if social media were to be gone today, at least your website would still be live. Think about it…MySpace used to be all the hype and now I am not even sure most know about MySpace.

Show Off Your Personality

3 reasons wedding photographers should blog - branding session in coffee shop for Dallas wedding photographerThis is my personal favorite reasons why wedding photographers should blog. Blogging gives your audience insight into your profession, personal life and what it is like to work with you. It allows your potential clients to get to know you, like you, and trust you. By building this connection and relationship with your potential clients through your blog it is an important part in potential bookings. Because people connect with people, they do not typically connect with brands.

If you’re a wedding photographer and you’re struggling getting started, you’re not alone. My biggest piece of advice is: just start blogging.  Also, please know you have me in your corner cheering for you. I want to see you succeed. And in case you missed my top 3 tips for consistent bookings be sure to check it out! If you are wanting a one-on-one learning experience, I would love to schedule a free 15 minute business mindset call with you today.

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